Lesson Rates

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D Z Strad Music School in White Plains, NY.  
D Z Strad offers lessons in violin, viola, cello, upright bass, and piano.  Lessons can be purchased individually, in monthly installments (four lessons per month, once per week), or in packs of ten (nine paid lessons with a tenth free lesson).  The Price per lesson decreases the more lessons you purchase.  
Lessons are held in our store:

Prices for lessons are: 

30 Minutes = $60

45 Minutes = $80

60 Minutes = $90

We also offer pack deals for lessons. We offer a "Monthly Pack" which consists of 4 lessons but gives you a discount when you purchase the "Monthly Pack". We also offer a "10 Pack" which has even higher discounts. The rates for these packs are below:

Monthly Pack                                            10 Pack

30 Minutes (4 Lessons) = $200                 30 Minutes (10 Lessons) = $450

45 Minutes (4 Lessons) = $280                 45 Minutes (10 Lessons) = $630

60 Minutes (4 Lessons) = $320                 60 Minutes (10 Lessons) = $720

If you have any questions please email dzstradviolin@gmail.com